When To Replace Your Fence

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Do I need to repair or to replace is an age-old question that is on the mind of most fence owners. A fence has many functions. It is a thing of beauty, provides a border on your property, keeps your family safe. Metal, chain link fences are made and installed to last a lifetime. Wood on the other hand will eventually age and need to be replaced.

At F.M. Page we recommend that your first choice for a fence be chain link.. It is one of the best, longest lasting fences available and can have the aesthetic appeal you are looking for.

Chain link and metal fences need to be replace when they have been damaged by the weight of heavy winter snow, tree falling, vehicle impact, or vandalism.

Damage isn’t the only reason to replace your fence. If your fence is no longer functional for your lifestyle, you may want to consider replacement over repair.

Things to consider when you think about replacing your fence:

  1. When repairing your fence is close to or exceeds the price of replacing your fence
  2. Determining the cost of wood vs chain link – assuming the lifetime value of both (noting that wood needs to be replaced on a regular basis)

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